#SundayAppeal: KU presents Ist semester paper in 2nd semester examination

Zain Zuhr


As you announced about the ‘Sunday Journalism’ on your facebook page, which is an awesome and appreciable step to get engaged with public, we the students of UG 2nd Semester want to convey an important message to higher authorities through Kashmir Life.

Since, it is urgent, we request you to consider this request as soon as possible. Now let’s go directly to the main point:

As you might be knowing, it is examination of KU UG 2nd semester going on and on July 26 we appeared in English paper.

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Since examination of English and environmental science was not conducted in 1st semester due to unrest, so University announced that the second semester exam will contain questions from both Ist and 2nd semester syllabus (50-50), that too just before some days of exam.

As we were preparing 2nd semester from almost last 6 months, they just suddenly announced the examination of Ist semester also. It was still alright as we managed to prepare in 1st semester, but what came as a shocker that when we appeared in exam, there wasn’t a single question asked from 2nd semester, which we’ve been preparing from months. Rather they had printed the same old paper of 1st semester, which is evident from the fact that it has 116 as subject code which matches code of 1st semester papers, while second semester has 216 as its code. We even tried to protest with college authorities, but they in turn were rude and didn’t come up with a solution.

Now, it is requested to please ask concerned authorities about this matter. It’s really not a quality of good education system. How can they just copy paste old paper, instead of making a new?

Please help us in this regard.

P.S: You can also check the paper by yourself.

(Zain Zuhr reports for Kashmir Life under Sunday’s #WeAreListening. The details of reports are author’s own. We are just publishing it as an appeal.)




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