#SundayAppeal: In Umar Colony Lal Bazar, influential men gets macadamized lane, rest don’t exist

Amir Mehmood


We the residents of Umar Colony A, Mohalla Gousia, Lal Bazar have been suffering on all fronts, be it water supply, roads, transportation, availability of essentials at fair price shop and off late now intense discrimination.

The condition of our roads, lanes is bad to the extent that even in luxurious cars we feel the pain and the pedestrians have to take alternate routes as well.

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Now what happened recently is in utter disregard to those people who have no connections with higher ups.

In our colony there are many lanes, having same fate. But fine evening our joy knew no bounds when R&B’s men and machinery landed in our area.

But unfortunately, during the dead of night, they macadamised only one lane,  probably the residents in that lane have good connections and managed the black topping. The next morning, neither men were there, nor the machinery.

There are other instances as well where few households get individual street lights and others are pushed into darkness.

We don’t need macadam but just answer why the government is so biased and work upon the whims and wishes of few selected and influential people.

(Amir Mehmood reports for Kashmir Life under #WeAreListening. The details of report are author’s own)







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