#SundayAppeal: Pathetic link roads in Srandoo to Kulpora and Khalisa Jadi Pora

Zahoor Bhat


The condition of link roads starting from Srandoo bus stop to Kulpora and Khalisa Jadi Pora is pathetic.

These roads get inundated during the rains & it becomes nuisance for the common man to walk on those roads. The situation gets further worsened with the great rush of tractors which ply from Ashmuji. These tractors bring bajri & sand & pass via Srandoo Kulpora route.

Representational Image

Recently R&B filled those ditches but it was mere an eyewash.

On many places pipes are not being laid resulting in the choking of sewage water. The widening of these also remains an issue. Traffic passing through these routes is highly dangerous for the pedestrians.

Now you have provided us with a platform for which we are highly thankful to you. Please pass this message to the R&B division Kulgam so that our problems are mitigated at an earliest.

(Zahoor Bhat reports for Kashmir Life and is published under #WeAreListening. The details are author’s own)


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