Supreme Court will restore JK’s special position soon: Hasnain Masoodi



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Parliament member from south Kashmir’s Anantnag Justice (retd.) Hasnain Masoodi has said that he is confident that the Supreme Court will provide a sigh of relief to the people of Jammu and Kashmir by scraping the presidential order passed on August 5 that took away state’s special position and status.

“Our case is very strong and legal- this could be gauged by the fact that in the very first hearing, the SC referred the case to the Constitutional bench. This proves that our case has merit and aims at protecting the constitution and safeguard its prestige,” newsagency KNS quoted Masoodi as having said.

He added that the special position secured by Jammu and Kashmir at the time of accession in 1947 was not a charity given to the state by the union of India but was an outcome of thorough deliberations and discussions between the two parties.

“Government of India, parliament and even the President cannot scarp 370 in a unilateral way. When it was agreed upon by the two parties, it is imperative that both the parties should agree to its dilution or scraping. It is not a one way street and therefore I am confident that country’s top court will consider the case on merit and scrap the decision taken on August 5, this year,” said Masoodi.

He added that the barrage of orders being issued every day by the JK administration are in union bound to turn null and void if the Supreme Court declares the August 5 order unconstitutional.

“The officials who are issuing these orders should understand that the Supreme Court has accepted the plea to challenge the August 5 decision. If the plea would have been unconstitutional, it would have been trashed by the SC at the very inception,” KNS quoted Masoodi as having said.


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