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Twentieth Century Kashmir

In his fourth books, Khalid Bashir Ahmad accesses rare documents to rediscover many people between Allama Iqbal…


Understanding Karnah

In news for the cross border shelling, more than seventy thousand people live in Karnah,…


1931 – A Memorandum

Months after July 13, 1931, marked the beginning of the demands for political reforms and…

Books An illustration showing the Nala Mar way in 1870.

Kashmir From The Hills

Around 1900, a British surgeon during his long tenure in Kashmir wrote Duke’s Guidebook to…


Dogra Grace

The derelict walls of Mubarak Mandi Complex in Jammu’s old city are witness to centuries…


The Mule Discourse

Although cow slaughter was an offence punishable by death before the fall of autocracy, author…

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