Taliban Should Stabilize Afghanistan: Geelani

KL Report


Stating that the Taliban after the NATO exit from Afghanistan should work for the stabilization of their country before making any plans for Kashmir, Huriyat (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani said that Kashmir will need the diplomatic support of Taliban led government in future.

Talking to KNS, Geelani said that Taliban led Government in Afghanistan must support Kashmir’s right to self-determination in the coming future. “We want them to support us diplomatically on the international level, they should raise their concerns for Kashmir after they become successful in making the government in Afghanistan.”

When asked about the reports that Taliban fighters would make Kashmir their next battle ground after the NATO forces leave Afghanistan, Geelani said that for now it is enough for us to expect from them (Taliban) to support us diplomatically in future. “I cannot comment over the issue, I can only say that Taliban should stabilize their own land,” said Geelani while refusing to comment over the possible entry of Taliban into Kashmir region.

Commenting on the China’s and US intervention into Kashmir Issue, Geelani said that such interventions cannot be permitted  by the pro-freedom leadership of Kashmir until  the countries asking for intervention  support Right to Self-determination for the resolution of Kashmir dispute.

Refusing the accusations leveled by Afzal Guru’s Brother that the Huriyat Leadership has failed to pursue the case about Guru’s mortal remains, Geelani claimed that the issue of Afzal is being raised at every platform and Huriyat is pursuing the case with thoroughly. ”Everyone has the personal opinion we cannot dictate terms to anyone, if Guru’s brother feels that we have failed, it is his own opinion,” said Geelani while adding that India is due to the pride of its might behaving like an ‘autocrat’ not even bothers to give us remains of Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guru.

Geelani further mentioned that his party (Huriyat G) has already called for the boycott of the coming assembly polls and that it is determent not to accept any solution to the Kashmir dispute accept right to self-determinations. When asked that has the poll boycott campaign started by Huriyat (G) Geelani said that he will do it when the time demands for such actions.


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