Team of geotechnical engineers to investigate increasing land sinking of JK

KL Report


A national team of Geology and Mining Department including geo-technical engineers will investigate the cause of increasing cases of land sliding in Jammu and Kashmir.

Sources told KNS the government of India is preparing a team of around 10 officials including the geotechnical engineers who will visit Jammu and Kashmir to investigate what caused the March 30 land slide in Leaden village Budgam which claimed 16 lives and including the other landslides.

“The Geotechnical team will collect information from the site about the landslide that occurred on March 30, killing 16 people,” sources said and added that the team will also visit the other landslide hit areas.

They said that the group will try to understand why the area collapsed, in the hope that a similar disaster can be prevented. “Civil and environmental engineering will also be a part of the team. The team hopes that the research they perform will help with future landslide detection, prediction and accurate estimation of slide run out distances in Jammu and Kashmir,” they said.

Officials told KNS their findings will lead to recommendations for land-use policies and mechanisms designed to protect humans from multiple natural hazards such as landslides, flooding and excessive rainfall.

It is pertinent to mention here that at least 16 people died after coming under a landslide in a village in central Kashmir’s Budgam district last week. In an another incident which came barley four days after Laden tragedy, four members of a family died in a village in Doda District after a landslide hit a residential house.


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