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Paying glowing tributes to slain of Jammu and Chenab Valley, the Democratic Freedom Party Tuesday said the incident of November 6, 1947 was a ‘holocaust’.

“On that day, under a well-planned conspiracy, Muslims were massacred by the communal forces and the pain of that holocaust is still felt by our hearts,” a DFP spokesman said in a statement.

“During the time of partition, on one hand India occupied the state through military might and on other, the communal forces resorted to loot and arson and spread bloodshed in every nook and corner of Jammu Kashmir, to erode its special status.”

The spokesperson said history will remember them always.

“Though there are hundreds of similar massacres but 1947 martyrs assume a unique status as they were put to death under deception,” he said.

“The Muslims and other peace loving communities of Jammu have to follow the mission for which the 1947 martyrs sacrificed their lives. They have to foil the wicked conspiracies of the communal elements.”

Pledging to take forward the mission of martyrs, the DFP spokesperson said a meeting was organised at party headquarters where speakers paid rich tributes to 1947 martyrs.


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