The first Kashmiri to donate organs after death

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Showkat Ahmad Zarabi, 56, a resident of Bodshah Mohalla Lalbazar has become the first Kashmiri to donate his body organs after his death.

Showkat, a gold smith by profession registered with SKIMS Friday for organ donation. He got motivated to donate his organs after hearing about cadaveric transplantation in media.

“I want to donate my organs to people in need after my death to save precious lives. It will be my biggest contribution towards humanity which is above all religion; he is quoted in a statement of SKIMS.

“I saw program on TV about cadaveric transplantation in which Dr. Khursheed Banday Professor from SKIMS explained what cadaveric transplantation is, its need in the state of Jammu & Kashmir and it inspired me and I approached SKIMS and expressed my desire to donate my organs after death,” Showkat said adding, “I also appeal other people to donate their organs to save precious life.”

Meanwhile, Director SKIMS / EOSG Dr. Showkat A.Zargar, has appreciated the move and assured full cooperation and support to all the donors. He said, “people are coming forward in the backdrop of massive awareness campaign launched by SKIMS on cadaveric transplantation.”

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  1. Assalamualiykum Showkat ji Islam does not allow us to donate organs.I believe u must read quraan by meaning then only u will understand what our Allah is saying how our life should be.

    • I think what the deceased did, was his personal choice. And how can you make him read after his death. We are all entitled to our views, but having a theocratic mindset and making religion the reference point for anything is not going to do any good to Kashmir.


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