The game

S. Rehman

Killing and getting killed, killing and being prosecuted, killing and getting immunity, killing and being protected, killing and being rewarded. The horrid business in which some get killed and some play it for varied reasons, for rewards, for small benefits, for money, for upholding their writ, in the name of sovereignty, in the garb of national interest, some exploiting the religion, some out of anger and some just for fun. The human bodies, who breathe, feel, think, have families, have kids to fend for, have parents to carry the life long burden of pain, become the fodder to the one shot of impulsive trigger delight of someone who most of the times do not even know who is becoming the victim of that callous shot.

It has been 12 long years for the haunting souls of “Pathribal” victims wandering from one table to another, from one court to the other, being tossed along their files waiting for the justice to be delivered to their kins. The ‘godfathers’ of their assassins contend that they were killed in “good faith’. After the ‘Chitisinghpora’ episode the army was asked by the local police to raid a house where LeT militants were hiding and the Army instantly cordoned the said house, opened fire in ‘good faith’ in which they were killed. Even if their contention is accepted, for argument sake, the hypothesis falls like the pack of standing fragile cards. Is the Army na?ve enough to open the fire so indiscriminately that civilians in place of the militants die in the process, why didn’t other inmates especially the females and children living in that house die in that operation. The truth seems shouting, with ‘hoarse throat’ though, that they were picked and then killed to show to the world that the ‘Chitisinghpora killers’ were killed and to seek undue hikes, promotions and medals as a bonus. Now the question is ‘who will prosecute them when the whole thing was planned’ in the ‘National Interest’ by the ‘think tank’ and only the “trigger’ was pulled by ‘puppets’ who have been the point of focus since.

Killing, what they call, ‘done in good faith’ is appallingly reduced to the shameful butchery where the chords of life and death are placed to the whims of the so-called ‘saviors’ who eventually turn into ‘death monsters’. ‘Good faith’, in any case, has to be subservient to the laws of land, subordinate to the value of human life, obedient to the system that is meant to safeguard the lives and the interests of its citizens. When, in the garb of ‘Good faith’ innocents are killed, alongside is killed the trust and credibility that takes decades to rebuild and if the killers are shielded, the rebuilding process of decades is relegated to the filthy dustbin. Nonetheless, this ‘game of killings’ outrageously becomes the means to scale the steps, and the laws to protect the killers bolster their egos, the ‘killing’ no longer remains a matter of heart wrenching affair to the killers or their protectors but the means and instruments of their incremental growth. This unflinchingly harbours a sense of protection and they cry hoarse to any idea of pulling the armour of these atrocious laws off their bodies since they know the killings have to go unabated in the land of oppressed mutes and the recurring benefits, unctuously earned, can’t be so easily sacrificed with.


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