The Last Black Fungus Patient Was Successfully Treated In November, Jammu Ophthalmologist

SRINAGAR: Dispelling the apprehensions about black fungus, Dr Satish Gupta said they have not seen any patient for months. Gupta heads GMC Jammu’s ophthalmology department.

“So far we have not witnessed any case of Black Fungus Infection in the recent months,” Dr Gupta told DIPR. “The only patient we have had came in the month of November, last year, and was successfully treated.”

Dr Satish Gupta said that Black Fungus usually targets Covid-recovered persons with uncontrolled diabetes or those who have administered prolonged or unsupervised dosage of steroids. “Cancer patients, those who have undergone organ transplant and people with weak immunity are more susceptible to Black Fungus,” he said.

The doctor advised the public not to confuse Conjunctivitis with the Black Fungus Infection. “Conjunctivitis is a routine infection and is easily curable; while the latter has recently caught public’s attention due to Covid and needs timely intervention,” he said. He particularly advised the susceptible population to keep diabetes under check and warned all against unsupervised use of steroids.

The symptoms of Rhino-oculo Cerebral Mucormycosis, the medical term for Black Fungus Infection, include stiffness or blood-stained/ black discharge from nose; pain, bulging (proptosis), restriction in movement, drooping of eye/s, swelling, black lesion around eye/s and loss of vision; and death if in case the infection reaches the brain.


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