The only agenda PDP, BJP had was to blind and humiliate people: NC


Jammu and National Conference on Friday said that the recent statement of a BJP functionary wherein he negated signing of any agenda of alliance with PDP has exposed the PDP saying that revelation should act as an eye opener to the people.

Party provincial spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar while flaying PDP for berating the mandate of people, said, “Our party has been maintaining that there was no agenda of the alliance.  However, the recent statement of a BJP functionary has affirmed our stand. We have been maintaining that the much-touted AOA was just make-believe and the fanciful thing that was deceitfully used by both the parties to conceal their opportunistic politics and lust for power,” adding, “This also raises figure on the veracity of the PDP as a political party.

The AOA was a hoax contrived to give escape route to PDP that had sought a mandate on the pretext of keeping BJP out. Given the fact that AOA never existed on the ground, how could it have been executed on the ground,”

Imran said that the revelation casts a shadow on every political sincerity of the PDP. “The assertions coming from the side of BJP reveal how barefacedly both late Mufti Sahab and Mehbooba had sold their conscience for the lust for power.  Today, for the umpteenth time the PDP stand exposed. Nonetheless, in the forthcoming elections, people have made it a point to punish PDP of its dubious role of pushing the state to flames,”

Party’s provincial spokesperson maintained that no amount of lying, whataboutery can save PDP from the wrath of people who will give a befitting reply to it in the forthcoming elections. People are feeling cheated, exploited, and bartered. The only agenda the PDP and BJP had was to blind and humiliate people.”


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