The sham of emancipation

Women no doubt have fashioned careers in innovative fields – be it information technology or Business management. In NGOs or swanky corporate boardrooms, she has stunned the world with the wisdom of her words and yet again astounded it with the power of her actions.
Yet, as goes the saying, there is more to it that meets the eye. In the name of emancipation, she actually is exploited. How often is woman treated as a person with inviolable dignity than an object to satisfy others’ appetite?
Concept of women empowerment has different connotations. In India, women are empowered as she is propelled in glamour world. How shameful that the exhibition of her body has taken over brains. This can be seen as a part of western cultural imperialism which has nothing to boast of except sexual dainties.
Here in Kashmir, extreme cases of women exploitation in the name of emancipation have also come to fore. Still she is bound by tradition and trapped in cultural conservatism which does not allow her to seek justice. Even if she dares to raise her voice, her case rots in judiciary files.
There is no denying that our society is stinking and morally degenerating. The infamous 2006 sex abuse scam bears testimony to this fact. How pathetic, girls facing economic hardships were lured for government jobs and forced in to flesh trade.
This is not the end of a story. Women in Kashmir aim at economic and financial securities. It is worth pondering that what forces a woman to battle for financial securities and how many women achieve it?
Prospective brides without government jobs are almost untouchable in our society. How gluttonous is the character sketch of man as he searches for a wife according to her basic pay scale and grabs her hard earned money.
It is quite disgusting that the very road to woman salvation has led to her imprisonment. She works like a bonded labourer at home, outside home and is caught in vortex of responsibilities, official commitment besides domestic commitments.
The concept of woman emancipation is a discussion too serious to be finished in one Needless to say that present century which speaks of upgrading the status of women is actually a disguised form of deprivation of her honour and degeneration of her soul.


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