There are good terrorists also!

Sheikh Qayoom

When the US marine seals zeroed on Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan’s garrison town of Abbottabad many voices were raised against the marines killing the Al-Qaeda ideologue and throwing his body into the sea.

He could have been taken alive? No, he could not have been taken alive as that would render the World vulnerable to future terror hostage dramas. He could have been given a proper burial? No, that would lead to  the terrorists making a shrine of terror around his grave. The school of Islamic thought to which Osama belonged does not allow making of shrines around graves of dead men. Well, nobody told us that when the operation was being done.

The World’s most powerful country and a democracy at that, handed down the cowboy dispensation of justice to somebody the West believed did not deserve any mercy. Osama was bad and he had to be eliminated, said US top officials who went into early morning and late night parties patting each other that the man responsible for the 9/11 attacks had finally met justice.

If Osama believed in handing down justice through the barrel of the gun, his democratic enemies also delivered justice through the same barrel. Tit for tat. Wonderful logic, countries cannot behave like weak, sensible ordinary human beings. Countries must be ruthless and if any process of law is afforded to those who terrorize the World, the World would be an unsafe place.

Terror had only one face and the democratic, civil rights upholders and civilized countries and societies can have no meeting ground with those terrorists who must be smoked out of their rat holes.

Fine, that must be the bedrock of all the democratic civilized countries while facing terror prospects and if any country finds itself a little weaker, a little more civilized, a little more accountable to public scrutiny, it must immediately call the global policeman whose mobile numbers are written on every drone flier that has been pulverizing the soils of north Waziristan and other infected and infested areas. There is another wonderful addition to the diplomatic lexicon— you are either with the US or you are against it. The writing on the wall is vivid and clear, do not negotiate with the terrorists or we will be knocking at your doors during the night.

The US standard policy ever since the Afghan conflict began in its present form after the Soviets were forced to withdraw has been that there are no good terrorists, a terrorist is a terrorist and the worst of them all, are the Taliban. It is another matter that the Afghan fighters were the ‘true Mujahideen’ till they fought the soviets. Multi-million Sylvester Stallone movie on the Afghan war ended with tributes to the ‘Mujahideen of Afghanistan who valiantly fought for the freedom of their country’.

The World sponsored by the US has been providing crutches to the Hamid Karzai government in Kabul and the bad news for Karzai and others is that the US is now negotiating its withdrawal from the Afghan soil with the Taliban!

They were all the same till yesterday and suddenly today we have found that some of them might not be as bad as the others. Wonderful realization, but what happens to those who sided with the Karzai regime and fought the Taliban alongside the allied forces against their own people? Who cares for a few more bodies being hanged in Kabul as those of Najeebullah and his supporters when the soviets left them behind?


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