This South Kashmir Duo Uses Cycle Wheel, Generates Electricity

Ubeer Naqushbandi


The "Dam-Less" Power Project
The “Dam-Less” Power Project

Given the shortage of electricity which Valleyites face, two youth from South Kashmir have come up with their own mini-power producing unit.

Suhail Ahmed Parray and Sameer Ahmed Najar, both in their teens have successfully generated electricity, equal to seven electric lamps from indigenous turbine.

Suhail studies Non-Medical while Sameer works as a Plumber.

Residents of Padgampora area of Awantipora in South Kashmir’s Pulwama district, the two friends have produced electricity through unique innovative way using indigenous technique, which they call “dam-less electricity.”

The duo perturbed by the power woes in Padgampora decided in January this year to build a turbine on Jhelum River flowing through their area to end their power woes.

“In winter, electricity used to play hide and seek frequently,” Suhail said, “so we decided to generate power at our own.”

The idea was simple: to turn kinetic energy of Jhelum River into electric energy. But, then there were questions with related to technology in making a turbine; necessary to generate hydro-electricity.

“The material we used was cycle wheel which acts as a pulley; made blades for turbine out of leftover edible oil tins,” said Suhail.

“We also stored huge water gallons; at the time of less discharge of river, this stored water is used to run the turbine,” he added.

The two friends out of their pocket have spent a sum of fifteen thousand rupees on this indigenous turbine. “Till now, we have been successful to generate electricity which can illuminate seven lamps, at least” an excited Suhail said.



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