Time to choose the trailblazer!

Rakshanda Ali


What is the cost after all? The fluctuating finance markets—that determine: who is, to live, by the ‘aid’? And live, only to repay IMF’s loan, as former Zamibian President once put it. Or die, under embargo like the Iraqi children. Such markets are of no use. The GDP technically reflect the ‘happiness’ of a specific nation. And it is seducing many, to believe—that they are shining brighter than the ‘golden sparrow’, they once were. It won’t help you either. Absolutely, not!

The price paid to breathe in ‘free air’ is not calculated like that. Never. The market is different. So is the price-list. It is a barter system—akin to what Subhas Chandra Bose once famously, said: “Give me blood and I will give you freedom.”

Raise queries and they will dismiss it, by saying: “It is idealism.” And then, they let you know: “It won’t work in the pragmatic world. You need to negotiate, create flexibility and include all.” Don’t be mistaken! It is their polite way to shut up your quest for queries! Indeed, a case of manufactured hush up!

Just watch out their next big genius: “Idealism is nothing, but the heretic feeling to be different. Things don’t work like that, dear!” In other words, these are all inclusive answers ever provided to fanatics. But they have no hunch! That, fanatics are the real lovers! The problem is: they won’t appreciate them. Why? Simply because, tunnel vision has its farcical limitations!

And the tables that are turned—if they had ever been by the pragmatist, are secured to him by the consumed idealists. Such souls never desist from marching into fray. Either do or die is the call!

Has it not been idealists, who could have listened to boring politicians? Who could have been the hero of Urdu writer, Naseem Hijazis’s celebrated novels? And who could have ever become the father of any revolution? They had a dream and they lived by it. That’s the X-factor of Malcolm-X!

Democracy may be the pragmatic solution to everything. Maybe. It never seemed to me. I have seen the devastation in its manifestation! If democracy is a gun, then ‘system’ is a will to pull the trigger. I still ask the same question. The one asked by a prominent female voice for conservative and fundamentalist Islam, Maryam Jameelah: “Is the western civilization our panacea?” Definitely, not! (Jameelah is the same lady who was termed as ‘a tropical sapling planted in the Arctic’ by Maulana Maudoodi.)

Therefore, it is time to choose the trailblazer. Schools of thought might ask: what is it that is important to native? The answer is: nothing! Native, as a matter of fact, isn’t bothered by—who holds the seat, and who don’t. He is more concerned about: has he left his ‘seat’ for the ‘other’.

Nothing changes in native land. Black sheep remain sheep. Wolves roam around. Lions are chased. Trees are cut. Land is ravaged. Flowers are acidified. The native is consumed by the ‘process’. And he thinks, it has nothing to do with ‘the issue’. Beware: the ‘bullet with butterfly wings’ kills too!

If the argument is: it is daily life; that needs to be lived. Then Seyyed Hossein Nasr, a prominent Islamic philosopher, cautions: “It must be recalled that a true death is better than a false life.” And the barter system is the facade of that false life!

Natives don’t live due to what they eat or drink. Neither, they survive due to what is transferred to their accounts per month. They only live due to what flows through the barrel on the front lines of glory. The fact is: every native is a cannon fodder in his quest of emancipation! Blessed are the meek.

Pay the price or there is going to be smack down! The crunch!

Amartya Sen, an Indian economist and a Nobel laureate while commenting on the recent financial crunch said: “It is first a psychological meltdown.” That’s why, thought criminals, write to stop the ‘psychological meltdown’ in the thought process of native.

Everything else will follow. This is the battle of hearts and minds. And, native must win it first. Fist comes later.

(An avid reader, Rakshanda Ali has done Bachelors in Business Administration. She hails from Srinagar)


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