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Last week after I finished writing my column, I wished I had started writing early and given myself enough time to bring in the changes. Every time I read my own write-ups, I make changes and the truth is, more I read it the better it becomes. Though at times I prefer sleeping over the write-up trying to forget whatever I have written and then read again. It gives me different perspective, altogether.  But for a couple of weeks now, I have been writing in hurry. I don’t want to miss the deadline.  And last week I couldn’t even gather sympathies for my own self. So, I set up my goal and decided that I would write my next column over a stretch of three days, at least. Yes, you got it right, I said at least three days.

And now here I am writing. Actually, thinking about what to write. Just a couple of hours before, my mail box would ping with a message from the editor that would say “Column is still awaited”.  And, I would wish I had started early. But, then it did not happen and here I am.

It didn’t just happen; this week brought with itself a set of unique problems. Couple of days ago, while having my evening stroll I found a bookshop. He had showcased Natwar Singh’s autobiography, “One life is not enough”.  I couldn’t resist and bought a copy, not because I have any interest in his life but because it had created ripples in the political circles of Delhi, as had Sanjay Baru’s “The accidental Prime Minister”. And almost every news channel did an exclusive on this book. And even the Mother-Daughter duo of Gandhi family had paid Natwar Singh a visit to shun the idea. But, then more than anything my interest kindled after watching Karan Thaphar interviewing the author.

In school, when I would get promoted to the next class and a new set of books would arrive with it, I would usually tend to go through all of them, all at once. That habit still remains. The only difference, in school I would start to hate the same books, the day classes would start. But, now I tend to finish the book.

This book makes quite references about Kashmir but the one which interested me was Appendix three, attached at the end of the book. A note from Natwar Singh’s dairy, which says he was called by the prime minister to his suite and during the meeting he penned down four points out of which the second point I find interesting, it says:

“J&K. Mufti says Cong is not treating him well. Situation in J&K very grave. J&K was slipping away. Pak could act desperately and do something that would do immense harm. Mufti could dissolve assembly.”

In one of the chapters he does mention about his trip to Thailand on which he accompanied the Prime Minister. And on 31st July the Prime Minister asked to see him. But he does not mention anything about Kashmir; I would have loved to read that. In and out it is a good read. It gives quite an account of the Indian history since independence and a peek into the high level decision making that has prevailed since times.

Well, that’s what caught me this week and also my reason why I couldn’t start early. But, then I hope I would start early for the next week. But, if that doesn’t happen, I will let you know about the new unique set of problems I faced this week.

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