Traders Allege Harassment by Sales Tax Officials



Expressing serious concern over the alleged harassment of traders by Sales Tax department, the Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation President Mohammed Yasin Khan Wednesday said the “official hooliganism is intolerable.”

“Instead of feeling ashamed for having failed to do anything good for the flood-hit traders, the government is resorting to tactics, which seem to a deep rooted conspiracy to sabotage revival of trade in flood-hit Kashmir,” Khan who also heads his faction of Kashmir Economic Alliance said.

He said, “the harassment was so terrible that traders have started taking the Sales Tax department officials as goons who inspect markets with intention of rioting.”

“This hooliganism is intolerable and if the Chief Mufti doesn’t intervene in a timely manner, we the traders will be left with no options but to take some reactive measures the onus of which shall squarely lie on the government,” Khan said.


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