Tragic House Fire Leaves Family With Only Clothes On Their Backs

SRINAGAR: In a tragic incident on Monday morning, a person living in a rented accommodation in Srinagar’s Chattabal area lost all his belongings and savings he had accumulated over the years by doing menial jobs, due to a fire.

According to Ghulam Nabi Dar’s relatives, he had been living in the rented room for over a decade and was supporting his family of six through his job. The fire destroyed everything he owned and has left him in a helpless state.

“He had saved some money to buy a small piece of land, but the fire took away everything he had. Now, he and his family are left with only the clothes on their backs,” said a relative.

Ghulam Nabi’s neighbors mentioned that he had been living in poverty, and the locals had frequently helped his family. The room where Dar lived with his family is owned by the local Masjid Committee, and they are yet to make any further arrangements for their accommodation.

“The Masjid Committee has offered them a room for now, but with six members in the family, we are unsure how we will manage,” said another relative. (KNO)


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