Trump reiterates Kashmir mediation offer


United States President Donald Trump said that he would certainly intervene on Kashmir if India and Pakistan wanted to.

Trump was replying to a question from the press on Kashmir. A reporter the comments of President on India’s rejection of the mediation offer on Kashmir which he had made some days back when he met Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.

While Pakistan had welcomed the offer, India was quick to reject it saying the issue has to be resolved bilaterally with Pakistan.

When asked how he wants to resolve the Kashmir, US president said, “If I can — if they wanted me to, I would certainly intervene.”

He said, “it’s really up to Prime Minister Modi.  And I met with Prime Minister Khan; I got along great with — I think they’re a fantastic people, Khan and Modi.  I mean, I would imagine they can get along very well.

But if they wanted somebody to intervene or to help them — and I spoke with Pakistan about that, and I spoke, frankly, to India about it.  But that’s been going on, that battle, for a long time.”


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