Two Days After His Funeral in Absentia, Manzoor’s Mother Dies



Two days after the funeral-in-absentia of her son was performed, the mother of the “Disappeared”, now presumably dead chemist of Rawalpora, Manzoor Ahmad Dar, died around 11 AM on Thursday. She was 82.

“She (Zaiba) had a hope that her beloved son will return and she was holding her breath to see him (Manzoor) return home one day,” said Bilkees, Maznoor’s daughter.

“But when she witnessed the absentia prayers for her son, she found no reason to stay and wait for him and she left this world with her wet eyes with the picture of her son in her eyes.”

The Janazah of the disappeared chemist was performed on 19th January. He was picked up army fourteen years ago from his home never to seen again.


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