UNHRC report on Kashmir ‘motivated’, says Gen Rawat


Reacting on United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) report on Kashmir, Army Chief Bipin Rawat said there was no cause for concern as “some of these reports are motivated”.

“I don’t think we should get too concerned with these reports. Some of these reports [by human rights organization] are motivated,” Indian Express quoted General Rawat as saying on Wednesday.

On the Army’s human rights record, General Rawat said: “I don’t think we need to speak about the human rights record of the Indian Army. It is well known to the people of Kashmir and the international community”,  the report quoted Rawat further as saying.

On June 14, UNHRC released the 49-page, alleged “widespread” human rights violations in Kashmir and claimed “excessive use of force by Indian security forces” led to “numerous civilian casualties”, Indian Express reported.


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