Unite under Geelani: Qasim to Separatists


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Incarcerated president of Muslim Deeni Mahaz Dr Muhammad Qasim Sunday urged Syed Ali Geelani to take lead and asked other separatists to unite under ailing octogenarian and deliberate on strengthening this movement   and developing a strategy for the future.

“If entire pro freedom leadership of Jammu and Kashmir does not unite under the leadership of Syed Ali Geelani on the basic and clear principle of freedom from India, time is not far away that they will be rendered helpless in front of the fresh offensive of Indian leadership,” said a statement said quoting Muhammad Qasim from jail.

“The freedom movement in Kashmir is not any nationalistic revolution, in fact its foundation is laid on Islamic monotheism and it is a religious obligation on the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir to keep this Islamic Movement going on,” Dr Muhammad Qasim said.

“We request Mirwaiz Umar Farooq to get rid of people who have lost hope and become vestigial for the movement  from his faction of APHC and  similarly we   humbly request Syed Ali Geelani Sahib to develop an accommodative approach,” Qasim said.

He also said, “Historically, long before 1947, this struggle for freedom had become  a religious obligation on Muslim   in 1819 when Sikhs occupied Kashmir   and Kashmir turned into  Dar-ul-Harb  from Dar-ul-Islam. The four major schools of Islamic jurisprudence  are in unison over the fact that when an Islamic land is occupied by  non mulsims and they  install their system of governance and the covenant of safety for Muslims  living in the land is withdrawn then  resisting against that oppressor becomes an Islamic obligation over the Muslims,” adding, “Since there is no division between  religion and politics  in Islam  therefore it is a duty of the various religious organizations to play  an active role in  resistance against India. Time is ripe that these organization, in addition of guiding muslims in individual and day to day affairs, take up the role of guiding Muslims in political matters as well.”

The resistance movement in Kashmir has  to be  made proactive  and for this it is important for Syed Ali Geelani , Dr Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Muhhamd Yaseen Malik, Shabir Ahmad Shah, Advocate Miya Abdul Qayoom, Ameer Jama’at-e-Islami Muhammad Abdullah Wani, President Jamiat Ahli Hadees, Maulana  Ghulam Muhhamad Bhat Al Madni  and the head of Darul Uloom Rahimia Maulana Rahmat ullah Qasmi  sit at  one place and deliberate on strengthening this movement   and developing a strategy for the future, the statement added.


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