UNO Presence Is Of No Concequences:Omar

KL Report


Underscoring the importance for resolving political issues of Jammu and Kashmir through a political roadmap, chief minister, Omar Abdullah Thursday said that he would continue to bat for Indo-Pak talks in this regard adding that gun has never been solution to any problem.

Addressing public gatherings at Handwara and Kupwara, Omar said that resolution of political issues of Jammu and Kashmir in accordance to the aspirations of its people can be sought only through talks between the two neighbours.
CM said that presence of UNO observers in the state have been of no consequences so far which is amply clear to all. “We know they remained mute spectators during the saga of militancy as also during the time when LoC was roaring with shelling of guns for a long time,” he said adding that the ceasefire on LoC was due to talks and agreement between India and Pakistan. “Addressing of political issues and finding out solution to these would be also through the process of dialogue between the two countries. Presence of UNO observers or not is not required for this breakthrough,” he elaborated.

Taking a dig at PDP and its leadership for deceiving people on issues by flaring up sentiments, Omar Abdullah said that politics of deceit has been their trait. “People are wiser enough to read between the lines and understand this kind of politicking,” he said maintaining that National Conference since the time of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah stood for peaceful settlement of Political issues through the process of dialogue. “We would continue our endeavour in this regard”, he said adding that gun has never solved any problem but created numerous ones. He said Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah was offered gun to carry forward his political roadmap but he denied it vehemently saying gun only creates miseries and serves no purpose which is a universal truth and people of Jammu and Kashmir are witness to it.
On the empowerment of Panchayats, the Chief Minister said that powers from 14 departments have already been transferred to panchayat institutions.

On employment, Omar Abdullah said that 70,000 to 80,000 posts in government departments are being filled up on fast track and a mechanism in this regard has already been formulated. He said job creation for youth has remained the top priority of his government and all avenues in the government and private sector are being explored to absorb more and more youth in the services.


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