‘Unscheduled, prolonged power cuts add to woes as Chillai Kalan’ sets in

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KL Image Bilal Bhadur

Power outages in the valley are adding to the problems of residents as “Chillai Kalan”, the harshest winter period, sets in today on Wednesday.

People have been complaining that prolonged random power cuts have left them helpless against the freezing temperatures.

Parts of the Dal Lake in Srinagar and other water bodies across the region have already frozen and boatmen were seen breaking ice slabs and clearing their way. Water tapes and pipes have also frozen at many places across the valley.

Meanwhile, weathermen have predicted further fall in temperatures.

The normal temperature during this period in December was around minus 1 degree but this year, the Valley was undergoing an aberration of around four and a half degrees, an official in MeT department said.

People living in non-metered areas of Srinagar and peripheries said that the electricity situation is terrible.

Many residents said that the city goes through power cuts stretching at least 10 hours a day.

In peripheries, residents said that they hardly see electricity for a mere three to five hours per 24 hours.

A resident of Pampore said rued the unscheduled power cuts has made lives of the people hell. “We have using ice cold water for last many days since there is no electricity during the nights.”

During nights, he said, power cuts prolong 8-10 hours.

While people in metered areas say that at least five hours is the scheduled cut everyday but often there are additional periods of cuts stretching for hours.


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