by: Shuaib Wani

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Srinagar: The 454th URS of Hazrat Makhdoom Sahib (RA) was observed with religious dedication and fervor on Thursday in Srinagar.

Despite the non-availability of public transport, thousands of devotees thronged to the shrine of Sheikh Hamza Makhdoom Sahab (RA) which is located on Hari Parbat Hills (Kohi Maran).

Like every year, the URS is being celebrated on 24th of Safar (2nd month in the Islamic calendar). The event began on 12th of the same month and concluded on 24th of Safar.

Devotees from across the valley thronged to the shrine and took part in night-long prayers till the dusk. During the day, a number of devotees took part in congregational prayers.

The saint popularly known as Makhdoom Sahab or Mehboob-ul-Aalam is a sixteenth-century saint who was born in Tujjar Sharief village of Sopore, in north Kashmir.

He devoted most of his life in prayers and spiritual teachings, and it is being said that the saint has spent his most of the life in Kohi Maran.

Makhdoom Sahab received his religious education from a Local Madrasa founded by Ismail Kubrawi- one among the popular Sufi saints.  The saint received his further education under the tutelage of various Islamic Ulmas- experts and consequently took up the noble mission of spreading the Islamic teachings.

After his successful and remarkable contribution and defending fundamentals of Islam, the saint left to heavenly abode on 984 Hijri (1576 AD) at the age of 84 in the supremacy of Ali Chak and was buried at Kohi Maran.


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