Vakil Urged Omar, ‘Rise Above the Conventional Vote Bank Politics’


KL Desk

Terming the recent controversy over the constitution of House committee for probing allegations, former minister and member AICC Abdul Gani Vakil  described it as unfortunate and said if probe is shelved, it would create a wedge between Congress leadership and common masses.

Former minister and member AICC Abdul Gani Vakil addressing party convention in North Kashmir

“Nobody should feel scared to face inquiry and if the person in dock claims to be on high moral ground, he should welcome investigation rather than creating impediments in it,” Vakil said in a veiled reference to Taj Mohi Ud Din.

Vakil was addressing a party convention at Dangiwacha Rafiabad in North Kashmir on Sunday.

Coming down heavily on the government, Vakil said that the move has put question mark on the oft-repeated claims of the State Government about fighting corruption and if government cannot act against the bureaucrats/ministers then it has no moral authority to talk about eradication of corruption.

Vakil added that Congress cannot remain a mute spectator on corruption issue as “this has made life of poor people miserable.” He urged Chief Minister Omar Abdullah to ‘rise above the conventional vote bank politics’ and act against corrupt

Talking about the development of the state, Vakil said that the congress is determined to ensure equitable development of all the three regions of Jammu and Kashmir,

Cautioning the people about the communal and divisive forces in the state, Vakil said that Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh have to stay together and people should understand the designs of such forces and strengthen secularism, unity and integrity of the state.

Exhorting the people to strengthen Congress, Vakil said that the only way for this is to serve the people as has been said by Sonia Gandhi who has described politics as another name of service to people. He said that all party men including ministers have to work hard in addressing the problems of the people and come up to their expectations to further strengthen the party.

While addressing the gathering Vakil said congress stands for strengthening of Article 370 and those divisive forces favoring abrogation of Article 370 were the “enemies of state and were trying weakening state’s relation” with Centre but he asserted that Congress would leave no stone unturned in defeating evil designs of those forces who are conspiring to weaken Article 370.


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