Vakil Urges Party Workers to Work Hard; Says One Party Rule Serves the Real Purpose

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Former Minister and Member AICC Abdul Gani Vakil Monday appealed Hurriyat leadership to shun abhorrence and participate in the dialogue process.

“The Hurriyat leadership needs to participate in the dialogue process which would brighten chances of bringing permanent peace across the Valley otherwise if they continue to shy away from dialogue it will give an opportunity to vested interests who are looting state exchequer because they are the enemies of the peace for their personal benefits,” said Vakil.

“Continued reluctance of the Hurriyat leadership in coming forward for talks is not understandable, and they should understand that talks are the only way out to resolve the issues. When India and Pakistan can talk, why cannot Hurriyat talk if they are really interested in peaceful atmosphere in the State.” Vakil said while addressing a one day party workers convention in Baramulla.

Describing corruption as one of the biggest challenges before the state, he said, “There is dire need of checking corruption at all levels so that central funds meant for state reach down up to grass root level. Bureaucratic hurdles must be done away with so that people have direct access to the government.”

Talking about the fissures between people and government, Vakil said corruption is the main factor which is responsible for distancing people especially youth from the mainstream.

Vakil urged party workers to fight against this menace as desired by AICC President Sonia Gandhi and Vice President Rahul Gandhi that every party worker should work effectively against corruption.

While addressing the convention Vakil said that time has proved that one party rule is in the interest of the state as Chief Minister has himself admitted that eradication of corruption is impossible in the coalition system.

He stressed upon the party workers to work hard and ensure that the congress party can form the next government on its own so that menace of corruption is uprooted and the system could be set right and era of uncertainty is over, which hampers developmental process.

Regarding alliance with any party Vakil said, “it is the prerogative of Smt. Sonia Gandhi and she believes in democratic process and whenever she takes any decision she takes state unit of Congress into confidence always.”

Regarding Panchayats,Vakil said that holding of Panchayat Elections after three decades have paved the way for empowerment of rural people and transfer of authority from the Central level down to villages but said Panchayat elections are meaningless unless Panches and Sarpanches were not empowered fully.

Vakil urged Chief Minister to incorporate 73rd and 74th amendments as soon as possible otherwise Panchayat elections held in the state would become irrelevant. He said benefits of Panchayts have not trickled to the grassroot level as the state government has failed to empower Panchayats..


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