VDC Terror: Hurriyat (g) Jammu Head Holds ‘Disband VDC Protest’



Hurriyat (g) anti-VDC protest 4

Pro-freedom and anti-VDC slogans reverberated Press Enclave in Lal Chowk on Wednesday as scores of Hurriyat Conference (g) activists held demonstrations against the government militia.

Led by Hurriyat Conference (g) Jammu region head and chairperson of National Front, Nayeem Ahmad Khan, the protestors demanded immediate halt to actions and disbanding of Village Defence Committee (VDC) members from Jammu province.

Hurriyat (g) anti-VDC protest 2

Three persons including a minor were killed in Rajouri some days back in VDC members’ action.

As the activists were sloganeering against what they termed as “state terrorism”, cops intercepted them and bundled into police van.

Hurriyat (g) anti-VDC protest 1

Addressing media persons on the occasion, Nayeem Ahmad Khan said, “the VDCs are groups of criminals and communal elements. They are involved in rapes, killings, loot, arson, abduction, theft, domestic violence and state itself has registered 176 FIRs against them.”

Demanding immediate disbanding and dissolution of VDCs, Khan lashed out at PDP led coalition government of state saying, “the state itself is responsible for terrorist activities of VDCs as they have been created and sponsored by state itself.” “VDCs have been given freedom of terrorizing people and those who seek end in their atrocities inflicted on people are arrested,” Nayeem added.

Hurriyat (g) anti-VDC protest

Sympathizing with Jammu Muslims, Khan alleged, “the force has been created to terrorize the Muslim community in Chenab and Pir Panjal valleys.”

Hurriyat (g) anti-VDC protest 3

“The recent killing of three persons including a minor in Rajouri is an eye opener of the high handedness of VDCs,” he said, “the fore should be disbanded immediately.”


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