VDC Terror: ‘Muftis Silence Meaningful,’ Geelani says, ‘NC Equally responsible’



Female VDCs being administered training by forces in Jammu region.

Expressing deep sorrow and surprise over the refusal of senior BJP politician and deputy chief minister, Dr Nirmal Singh, of disbanding the VDCs and relating this “terrorist group” with the political party, All Parties Hurriyat Conference led by Syed Ali Geelani said that VDC is a “military mafia of the selected communal forces”

“The terrorist members of VDCs are involved in murders, robbery, kidnappings, rapes, drug trade and other serious and grave crimes and reckoning these criminals with the political party is a non-sense thinking and it is an attempt to hide the criminal face of these communal forces which is in no way acceptable to us,” Hurriyat Conference (g) said in a statement Thursday evening.

Reiterating its demand of immediate disbanding of this “illegal force”, Hurriyat Conference (g) said, “the statement of Nirmal Singh vindicates our stand that Mufti Mohammad Sayeed is just a show boy and the state is actually ruled by Nirmal Singh Ji.”

Terming the statement of Dr Nirmal Singh regarding VDCs as “childish and ridiculous”, Hurriyat (g) statement added, “no conscience person can issue such an irresponsible statement.”

“No political party and the VDC have any comparison. VDC is an armed force beyond the control of state authorities and above the constitution and law of the state. There are although only 196 criminal cases registered against the members of this force but these personnel are involved in thousands of such serious crimes which have no official record and due to the terror of this force, hundreds of affected people are scared to open their mouth against them,” the statement added.

Hurriyat Conference (g) further added, “the purpose of the creation of the VDC was that the Muslims of Jammu division will be suppressed with this and when needed, this force could be used to repeat the situation of 1947 when lakhs of innocent Muslims were killed and forced to migrate from the same Jammu area. The control of this terrorist force was handed over to the Indian Home Ministry and the communal forces of the region from the very first day and this force is still operating beyond the control of the state. The statement of Nirmal Singh proves that this force is not accountable to anyone and they have got a free hand to do whatever they want.”

The Hurriyat (g) statement termed “the silence of the Mufti Sayeed and Mehbooba Mufti as meaningful” saying, “the father-daughter duo never speak against the plans and projects of RSS and they without any objection implement their orders in the state.”

The statement criticized the National Conference for their biased approach and said, “this criminal force was active and committing same serious crimes in the period of National Conference rule but they never raised any question on these forces and neither they preferred to speak against their actions. Today when their own activist fell to the pray of the cruelties of these forces, they suddenly started to count their oppression and excesses and they started to protest against this criminal force.”

The Hurriyat amalgam appealed local and international human rights organizations to take serious notice of the grave issue of “illegal but government sponsored military mafia like VDC and support us in our demand of disbanding this government terrorist group”.


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