NC Joins In, says, ‘ERA Project in Chadoora a Disaster’



NC politician, Ab Rahim Rather.
NC politician, Ab Rahim Rather.

National Conference Thursday lashed out at the PDP-BJP Government for its “astounding insistence” to go ahead with the ERA-sponsored water supply scheme being sourced from a tributary of Doodhganga river despite not only stiff public opposition but also the District Development Commissioner’s official report questioning the very feasibility of the project.

Former FinMin and senior National Conference politician, Abdul Rahim Rather, while condemning the “Government’s highhandedness and cruelty” in dealing with protests in Chadoora and Chrar-e-Sharief, said, “this project would be a disaster if the Government proceeds with it and would adversely affect the farmers in the surrounding areas.”

“This new project could possibly dry up around half a dozen already existing water supply schemes being fed by the Doodhganga river. One fails to understand the motive of the Government to press on with the project despite overwhelming opposition from the public in Chadoora and Chrar-e-Sharief and completely side lining the adverse report of the District Development Commissioner,” Rather said while addressing party workers and activists in Chrar.

“The Police and Paramilitary forces have unleashed hell on protesters in Sogam, Doyun and Dowlatpora villages of Chadoora area and also various areas in Chrar-e-Sharief constituency. Numerous innocent civilians have been injured and there are reports of alleged misbehaviour with womenfolk by the police and paramilitary forces. This is unacceptable and speaks volumes about the PDP-BJP Government’s arrogance and sense of entitlement. If the people of the area are tooth and nail against this project, with what wisdom and right does the Government plan to side line their reservations and opposition? Quelling dissent with brute force will not yield the Government any results,” he said.


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