VDC Terror Resurfaces in Doda: Now, a Helpless Widow Facing the Brunt

Naseer Khora


VDC members.

A widow from remote village of Gondho tehsil in Doda district of Chinab valley has alleged repeated harassment, humiliation and dead threats by some of her ex-husband’s relatives—who are part of a notorious civil militia armed group, Village Defense Committee (VDC) members in the area.

As per the written complaint by Sangeeta Devi before police authorities, she while narrating her tale of woes has alleged that her in-laws supported by some VDC members are repeatedly harassing her.

It is stated that her in-laws want to grab the property and belongings forcibly from her after her husband’s death, one and a half year back. Her husband, Harnam Singh, had married another lady namely Samrawati Devi, two years back, who is now eyeing her property.

“The Samawati Devi is trying to snatch all the movable and unmovable property from Sangeeta Devi. She is threatened her to vacate the residential house, too,” her complaint read. Due to constant life threats, she is now feeling insecure about her children’s security.

In the face of frequent harassments, the widow has migrated from her native village to a safer place. She is now residing in a private accommodation in Munshi Mohallah Doda.

But Samrawati with backing of her VDC relatives is continuously hounding her.

“A couple of days ago, Samrawati along with some police personals entered the rented house where Sangeeta is putting up. They attacked and thrashing the lady and snatched 18th months baby from her,” the complaint read.

On the very next day, with the help of some civil persons, the baby was taken back from the kidnappers.

But Samrawati lodged a false written complaint with the police levelling some baseless allegations against the widow, said a police source.

Along with Samrawati, Balwant Singh—a VDC member and others have been continuously giving life threats to the widow. “Balwant Singh has warned me of dire consequences if I enter my native village, again,” said the widow. “I am feeling insecure.”

The widow while demanding a CBI probe into the matter said she has moved an application to SP Crime Branch Jammu for immediate action against the accused.

The complainant Sangeeta Devi further made an appeal to the State Human Rights Commission SHRC and civil society members to come forward for her help.


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