VDC’s Pursuing RSS and VHP Agenda: SAR Geelani


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Terming the Village Defence Committees as the real face of terrorism, Human Rights Activist and Civil Society member SAR Geelani Monday said that VDC’s were formed to malign the freedom movement of Kashmir and to suppress “the freedom sentiments of people living in Jammu Division.”

After the killing of an innocent youth by Village Defence Committee members in Jammu region, Geelani told a Srinagar based newsgathering agency, CNS over phone from New Delhi, that VDC’s are comprising of Hindu members only who are all ex-servicemen and whose purpose is to suppress Muslims living in Chenab Valley.

“The then Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Gariesh Chander Saxena tried his best to malign the freedom movement and it was he who propounded the concept of VDC’s to give an impression to the world that militants target only Hindu’s in Jammu,” Geelani said.

He said all the members of VDC’s are pursuing RSS and VHP agenda. “Their main motive is to inflame passions and polarise people. Why VDC’s are operating in Hindu majority area’s only and why Muslim’s are being barred to become members of these ‘terrorist committees’,” he said.


  1. vdc r only helping govt to counter terror they dont act anti indianthey oppose anti indian sentiments they r not killing innocent people they r loyel to their country as far as they operating in majority they r struggling u have not said how many hindus r homeless in their own contry u term them terrists then those who killed indian soldiers who were they.this is a serious conspericy helped by u people to make vdc infamous & making them weaponless so that they become easy target they r loyalists


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