by Iqra Akhoon

SRINAGAR: The Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) officials have confirmed that the region is currently facing a crippling electricity deficit of nearly 1000 MW. This power crisis has forced authorities to implement prolonged power cuts across the valley, leaving residents frustrated and inconvenienced.

The primary cause of this power shortage has been identified as an unprecedented dry spell that has significantly impacted power generation in the region. The dry spell has led to a drastic reduction in water flow in rivers across Jammu and Kashmir, which, in turn, has severely curtailed the capacity of the power projects.

One of the most affected power projects is the 900-MW Baglihar power project, which typically contributes a significant portion of the region’s electricity supply. At the beginning of September, this power station used to generate around 1050 MW. However, by the end of the month, its capacity had plummeted to a mere 700 MW. As of the most recent update, officials said, the power station’s generation capacity has dwindled to a range of 200 MW to 250MW marking a sharp decline in power output.

The severe drop in electricity generation has had a direct and immediate impact on power supply in Kashmir. Consumers across the region are left without electricity for extended hours, with some areas experiencing unexpected and unannounced power cuts, contrary to the official schedule released by the department a few days ago.

The situation has sparked outrage among the people of Kashmir who have expressed their frustration and helplessness over the ongoing power crisis. Residents have taken to social media to vent their concerns, highlighting the inconveniences they face due to the prolonged power cuts.

As the authorities grapple with this challenging situation, citizens are hopeful that measures will be taken to address the power deficit and provide timely relief to the affected areas. The Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited, along with other relevant authorities are working to find solutions to mitigate the power crisis and ensure uninterrupted electricity supply to the people.


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