SRINAGAR: A video has gone viral showing a non-local bread maker using his feet for kneading the dough. A commoner who had gone to purchase bread shot the shocking video. The video was recorded in Sopore.

The video even interviews the person who admits that he has been directed to do this by his employer. The clip shows a lot of material around and the work going on involving many people and a lot of space and material.

Informed sources said the bread maker is a nonlocal who has rented a few shops where they make the bread and different bakery items during the month of Ramzan. “It is not a registered unit and lacks any licence to make bread,” Javed Bhat, one of the local industry holders said. “This is a group of people who come during Ramzan, sell their items on Eid and leave.”

After the video surfaced the police in Sopore sealed the shop and arrested two people.

Kneading is a basic process in dough making. It is being done by hand or by a machine. But this is the first time that somebody is using his feet for the process.

In anticipation of Eid, Kashmir exhibits a massive hunger for bakery items. Though Kashmir has a chain of branded bakers, the market still seeks certain supplies from the unregistered units managed and run by seasonal workers. This breadmaker is basically a Halwai who also makes on a mass scale various bread items, which are being consumed by people. Locals said he is a key supplier to most of Sopore.

(photograph used in this report is not linked to the event)


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