Vigilance Registers case Against LAWDA Officials



Verification conducted by Vigilance Organization Kashmir (VOK) into the allegations that officers/officials of Lakes and Waterways Development Authority (LAWDA) Srinagar have allowed illegal construction at Pahloo Brain by Ghulam Nabi Hafiz against consideration has revealed that a singly storey concrete house has been constructed by Ghulam Nabi Hafiz S/o Ghulam Mohammad Hafiz at Pahloo Brain in the year 2014-15 without obtaining any building permission. Verification further revealed that no building permission has been issued by the LAWDA for the said illegal construction. Verification has also revealed that the concerned watchers of the area namely Mohammad Younus Lala and Abdul Rehman Dar had informed the then Enforcement officer, Shah Sikandar Khan about the said illegal construction on time besides, the Secretary LAWDA also directed the said Enforcement Officer to take action in the above mentioned illegal construction, however, the said Enforcement Officer neither stopped the raising of the illegal construction nor took any step to demolish or to stop the illegal construction.

By acting in the aforesaid manner the then Enforcement Officer Shah Sikander Khan and others in league with the beneficiary Ghulam Nabi Hafiz have abused their official positions and allowed the raising of the said illegal construction against consideration thereby conferred undue pecuniary advantage upon themselves and upon the said beneficiary.

According a Case FIR No. 52/2015 P/S VOK has been registered against the then Enforcement officer Dy SP Shah Sikander Khan and beneficiary Ghulam Nabi Hafiz and others under Section 5(1)(d) r/w Section 5(2) J&K PC Act, Svt 2006 and section 120-B RPC. It is pertinent to mention here that Case FIR No. 48/2015 P/S VOK has already been registered against the Officers/officials of LAWDA in compliance to Hon’ble High Court directions, which is being investigated by Dy. SP Adil Hussain besides, the investigation of Case FIR No. 17/2015 P/S VOK pertaining to officers/ officials of LAWDA is stayed by the Hon’ble High Court, J&K High Court Srinagar. In addition to the registration FIRs against the officers/officials of LAWDA a  SIT constituted by Vigilance Organization  comprising Dy SP Mushtaq Ahmad and Inspector Showket Abdulla and Inspector Murtaza Ahmad as members who are probing the allegations against the officers/officials of LAWDA regarding Assets Disproportionate to their known sources of income by way of abusing their official positions.

Some more FIRs are also being registered by Police Station VOK in the near future, the enquiries of which are already under probe. (CNS)


  1. Nothing will come out of it. This is all staged drama. There is still blanket ban on construction by the Honourable High Court, but the construction Material passes (sand, chusher, cement, boulders etc) through roads of Brane, Nishat, Tailbal and Shalimar unabated. Every official concerned with it gives damn to court order. The truckers load their pockets and they become blind when these trucks pass after hafta wasooli. Illegal constructions have been there and wont stop until enforcing agencies are cleaned top to bottom.

    There are instances, when people in these areas have applied for permission for construction in spite of the fact that some fall in dal lake vicinity, some in green belt and some in both areas. Blind officials after earning unofficial bucks issue permission and look the other way.


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