War no Answer: Dr Farooq, asks Mufti ‘Either Deliver or Quit’



Dr Farooq Abdullah

Cautioning India and Pakistan about the ramification of war, President National conference and former Chief Minister Dr Farooq Abdullah Tuesday said that atmosphere of hostility brewing at present is making the situation volatile and dangerous for peace saying that this is in no way in the interest either of the country.

“Exchange of words of warnings for war has further deteriorated conditions souring the relations of the two countries,” he said adding that wars only add to miseries without changing ground realities and achieving any objective. He said Jammu & Kashmir and its people will have to bear the brunt of hostility and conflict between India and Pakistan as has been witnessed in the past.

“It is the people of Jammu & Kashmir living in this part and across have to face the destruction, loss of human lives and property in any war between India and Pakistan,” he said maintaining that Jammu and Kashmir is the first target to get hit by the bombardment and exchange of heavy fire. He said it has been observed world over that wars only make problems complex without doing any service to the people and resolving issues.

Dr Abdullah appealed to both the Countries of India and Pakistan to shun the raising of voices of hostility and war. He said table is the only way forward to discuss and resolve issues. He asked the leadership of India and Pakistan to restore talks and focus on settling all matters on table. He referred to the former BJP Prime Minister’s speech at Tanghdar in which he (Atal Bihari Vajpayee) mentioned that ‘friends can be changed but not neighbours’ and extended hand of friendship to Pakistan for peaceful and amicable resolution of all issues.

Dr Abdullah also underlined the need for talks between the Centre and the separatist leaders. He appealed to the separatist organizations to resort to the road of dialogue process to discuss issues and find out their solution. “There is no other way forward but a friendly and amicable atmosphere for resolving all issues” he observed.

The President, National Conference also cautioned about the attempts of some elements to disintegrate Jammu and Kashmir and said that such attempts are totally harmful for the State of Jammu and Kashmir and for the entire Country. He said Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh are one unit and those who want to wedge apart the people on regional and communal politics are their enemies and their designs need be foiled at all levels. He reminded the people of the teachings of Late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah regarding communal and regional amity and brotherhood. He said late Sheikh M Abdullah’s slogan of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Essai (Christians) brotherhood and solidarity has to be further strengthened by the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

The former Chief Minister highlighted the miseries and hardships of the flood sufferers and asked the Central Government to immediately approve Rs 44000 Crore flood relief package presented by the Omar led Government for the rehabilitation of the flood survivors. He criticized Mufti government for not making any dent in this regard at the central government level and asked him to deliver or leave the chair. He said with the onset of winter the hardships of flood sufferers will further aggravate as such immediate approval to the package is need of the hour.

Dr Abdullah urged the rank and file of the NC to be in close rapport with people at all levels and strengthen the party to achieve the goal of Naya Kashmir envisioned by the great Leader Late Sheri Kashmir Shiekh Mohammad Abdullah. He paid rich tributes to Sheikh on his death anniversary and highlighted his sacrifices and selfless service to the people and the State.


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