Wave Off Taxes On Construction Material: BJP To Govt

KL Report


Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) on Sunday asked the state government to wave off taxes on construction material, including plywood and other items, so that people are able to rebuild their shattered homes.

In a statement here BJP’s Kashmir spokesman Khalid Jehangir said, “The devastation caused by the floods has rendered many people homeless. State government should come forward and help people at this crucial juncture.”

He appealed the Kashmir based cement manufacturing companies to slash the cement prices so that people are able to rebuild their shattered homes. “It’s the duty of Kashmir based companies to come forward and help their brethren,” Jehangir added.

He said that senior BJP leader Nitin Gadkari would visit Kashmir on Monday to assess the situation and get the feedback from the party leaders. “Kashmir based BJP leaders are trying their best to get all the possible aid from the centre for the flood victims. Top BJP leaders and the ministers are keen on ensuring that relief reaches the victims,” he added.

Jehangir said that BJP has set up medical camps at different places across the city and more such camps are likely to come up at the other places. He assured people about all the possible help and centre’s full support to rebuild Kashmir.


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