Wazir “Killer” Gives a New Twist to the Sensational Murder

SRINAGAR: Even as the manhunt to arrest the two persons in the sensational murder of Trilochan Singh Wazir, a former lawmaker and the transport leader is on, one of the alleged killers has given a new twist to the story. Harmeet Singh, one of the two persons being accused of murder, has put on his phone in Jammu for seven minutes and written a post on his Facebook. The other person being held responsible is Harpreet, in whose name the Delhi flat was rented out.

T S Wazir

“In the purported letter, Harmeet claimed he had killed Trilochan because contract killers had been hired to target him and his son,” The Indian Express reported. “He also claimed he and the other suspect, Harpreet Singh Khalsa, were going to commit suicide.”

Wazir was killed in a Delhi flat on September 3, and his highly decomposed body was recovered many days later. He was on his way to Canada to see his granddaughter, who incidentally shares her date of birth with his date of the murder.

The newspaper quoted a police officer saying that Harmeet had switched on his phone in Jammu at 4.05 am and switched it off after seven minutes. He had pasted five-page “confession latter” with 27 points on his FB page. “He signed the documents along with fingerprints. He asked his son to take care of the family,” the officer told the newspaper.

“I was staying in Harpreet’s flat where Trilochan came a day before his schedule and I was asked by Harpreet to shift to a nearby hotel. I shifted, but some of my luggage was left in his home, so I called him up but he did not take my call. I went to pick up my stuff and found the door was ajar,” the newspaper reported from the purported “confession” from the FB account. “He claims he overheard a conversation between Trilochan and Harpreet that angered him.

The newspaper further reported from the FB post: “I was annoyed and entered the house. We got into a heated argument, and I was asked by Harpreet to talk politely. He then left to get cold drinks, while Trilochan went to another room. I had been told by some people that he keeps a pistol, so I followed him and shot him. When Harpreet came back, I pointed the gun towards him and asked him not to tell anyone. He started crying and told me he wanted to meet his family.”

The veracity of the purported “confession” would be proved only when the accused is arrested by the police. Delhi Police Crime Branch has already sent teams to various places including Punjab and Jammu. So far there has not been any arrest.

Meanwhile, Jammu based newspaper; Daily Excelsior reported on September 14, that the investigators have arrested two persons for uploading the “alleged suicide note” of Harmeet Singh. “A five-page alleged suicide note of Harmeet had gone viral on social media as it had been posted on his Facebook,” the newspaper reported. “Police was trying to ascertain who wrote the suicide note, who posted it on Facebook and whether it was genuine or not.”


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