We Are Under No Illusion About India’s Sincerity Towards Kashmir: KSCDS

KL Report


Chairperson of Kashmir Centre for Social and Developmental Studies (KSCDS) Hamida Nayeem today lashed at the senior Congress leader for his statements over interlocutors and working groups.

As per a statement, Nayeem has said, “KCSDS notes with a sense of exasperation that Fotedar is only revealing open secrets endorsing our perceptions about the working groups and interlocutors instituted by the government to deflate the attention of the world and her own people from the festering wound which Kashmir has become under Indian control.”

“He should be told that we are under no illusion  about Indian state’s sincerity or honesty  on Kashmir and that India’s skull- drudgery vis a vis Kashmir is well known here and does not need ‘ a sage like Fotedar’  to make the ‘resounding revelation’,” reads the statement.

“However, his attempt at either dampening our spirits with disdainful disclosures or humiliating us with revealing an open secret, does not in any way lessen the genuineness of our cause or our passionate struggle for self-hood. It only sharpens the distance between us and them. Another pearl of wisdom that he has thrown around   after returning  to Kashmir seemingly after a long hibernation  is that Indra–Abdulla accord  has  resolved Kashmir issue for all times to come. He seems to be caught up in the time warp somewhere because he doesn’t seem to know that was washed down the river Jhelum with the blood of Kashmiris a long  long time ago as is the fate of all individual pacts over nations,” she added.


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