JAMMU: State’s Food and Information Minister Chowdhary Zulfkar Ali has said that PDP broke the monopoly of single party in Jammu & Kashmir by giving alternative which is essence of real democracy.

Minister for Consumer Affiars and Public Distribution, Chaudhar Zulfikar addressing a press conference in Srinagar. (KL IMAGE)

Addressing party workers at Foundation Day of PDP at Party Headquarter Gandhi Nagar Jammu, Chowdhary said that there was dominance of single party in Jammu & Kashmir which was killing the essence of democracy where people were not having any alternative. He said that Late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has given the people an alternative in the shape of PDP which had ended monopoly of single party. He said that formation of PDP has initiated new political discourse in which people have alternate to exercise their franchise.

Terming PDP’s consistent stand as historic, Chowdhary said that PDP has not deviated from its stand during the last 18 years. He said that either they form coalition with Congress or BJP, the stand of party had remained same and the PDP had never compromised on its resolve and policies under tiring circumstances. He added that PDP had pressed for dialogue to resolve Kashmir issue and the party adopted same tune in New Delhi, Jammu & Srinagar.

“There are some parties who spoke one language at New Delhi and Jammu and another language at Srinagar and these parties only befooled people on the names of slogans’’, he said adding PDP has never adopted double standard and the party has never deviated from its basic agenda of peace and development through dialogue and reconciliation.

Lauding Mufti Sayeed for his vibrant decision of forming Govt with BJP, Zulfkar said that due to circumstances and split mandate, Mufti took decision of forming government with BJP and the decision was very appropriate and need of the hour. He said that the decision mitigated the problem of regional disparity and all the regions started getting due share in development. He said that J&K is only state in India which has two AIIMs at Jammu & Srinagar and two cities Jammu and Srinagar have been selected as Smart Cities for development. He added that there are a number of big projects which were initiated or culminated in all the three regions of the state during the last 2. ½ years.

Senior PDP leader said that a big development has been observed in the state for the last more than 2 years. He said that present alliance has become bond of communal brotherhood and communal harmony and got great flip. He added that both parties have a common agenda of alliance and they are stick to the agenda.


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