Who Sabotaged Mass Promotion in October Last? Asks PSUF


KL Report


“The recent government decision to grant mass promotion to the students of Class I-IX and XI has been a welcome step, but it was too late and too little. It is a classic example of how our governments first torture and then give relief.”

This was stated in a press conference addressed by Private Schools United Front (PSUF) office bearers on Tuesday.

“The announcement came after an agonizing period of six months for our students in which some of them even developed psychological problems due to uncertainty over session, examination and so on,” they said.

“Now, when the government has set few things right, we demand an answer as to who will be held accountable for the lost of the precious time,” they asked adding “We demand an impartial inquiry into the entire affair. Who sabotaged mass promotion in October? On what basis did they shift session to March 2015 only to be taken back now? Who were experts/educationists (if any) involved in drafting this policy?”


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