Why can’t Delhi talk to UJC for resolving Kashmir issue asks Er Rasheed


Independent lawmaker and MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Tuesday said that if Americans could talk to Taliban who has damaged American interests to a huge extent, why can’t Delhi talk to ‘United Jihad Council’ to resolve Kashmir dispute.

In a statement, Er Rasheed said,“The possible talks between American’s and the Taliban should be welcomed by all those forces who want Peace in the world and realize that Sincere and meaningful dialogue is the only way to resolve long pending issues in different parts of the world.”

“It is a welcome sign that world’s largest superpower America has finally understood the significance of dialogue and realized that Wars cannot be won but honorable reconciliation and settlement is the only possible and civilized way out. Despite America’s open support to Israel, Washington is doing everything possible behind the curtains to resolve Palestinian issue and even Prime Minister Narindra Modi has been showing keen interest to mediate between Israelis and Palestinians,” said Rasheed.

Er Rasheed added, “if Delhi wants to play a constructive role in West Asia and Americans and Taliban are turning to talking mood, why should India, Pakistan, and Kashmiris not give up their ego’s and start talking sincerely over Kashmir dispute.”

He said, ”Delhi in its own interests must give up arrogance and offer direct talks to Syed Salalah-ud-din and government of Pakistan. Let there be no Ifs and buts and the militant leadership must also rise to the occasion and try to gain and consolidate the gains of armed struggle on the dialogue table.”

He added that it is high time for regional Political Parties and pro-resistance leadership to realize that militant leadership is the main stakeholder and without their participation, all talks are sure to fail.


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