Why Modi Didn’t Visit Valley On Eid: KEA

KL Report


Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) while reacting over Prime Minister’s Kashmir visit,Wednesday termed it politically motivated, saying New Delhi bothered least over sufferings of flood victims here.

Kashmir Economic Alliance chief Yasin Khan told KNS that the visit of Narendra Modi to Kashmir has a political agenda and that when during the past 50 days no one from GOI visited valley, the visit of the prime minister turns out to be a questionable entity.

Khan maintained that during the past 50 days, people suffered huge loses, with thousands turning homeless but no one from GOI tried to soothe the blighted situation of Jammu and Kashmir.

The KEA, an amalgam of various business houses, questioned why Modi didn’t visit valley on Eid as the trail of devastation was visible all over in the troubled land of Kashmir at that time aswell.

However, the amalgam led by Yasin Khan stated that it will meet PM Modi during his valley visit and submit a memorandum to him.

The Prime Minister is all set to visit valley on Thursday to celebrate the festivity of Diwali with the flood affected people of valley.


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