Srinagar: National Conference President Dr. Farooq Abdullah on Friday paid obeisance and offered Friday prayers at Dargah Hazratbal in Srinagar and said this election was a test of our integrity as a people.

Speaking to supporters after prayers, Dr Abdullah according to his spokesman expressed concern over the situation that has arisen due to inclement weather and said the administration should take all necessary precautionary measures to ensure there is no damage to property and are lives are safeguarded.

Dr Abdullah in his address said the upcoming parliamentary polls in the state would test the integrity and resolve of the people in ridding the state of the opportunistic and unjust PDP-BJP alliance which has devoured our youth and alienated the people like never before.

“This election is not between National Conference and PDP but between the people of Kashmir and those who want to rule this state from Nagpur and New Delhi. PDP is just a local affiliate of the RSS and is here to do their work. By winning this battle against the two candidates fielded by the BJP and PDP, the people will demonstrate that their conscience is paramount and they cannot be divided into fragments to be weakened and suppressed”, Dr Abdullah said.

He said National Conference was committed to decimate the proxy citadels of the saffron brigade in Kashmir and the day is not far when PDP realizes the consequences of selling its conscience and its soul to the BJP to remain in power. “By aligning with BJP in J&K for the first time in history, PDP has humiliated and embarrassed the people of Kashmir in front of the entire world. Today aspersions are being cast on our character, our integrity and our sense of pride in who we are – thanks to PDP. These elections provide us with a golden opportunity to prove that our integrity is unquestionable and unblemished and I’m confident that we will be successful in this collective fight”, Dr Abdullah added.

“I prayed for the welfare of our people, for the state’s interests and rights and for victory against forces of nihilism and opportunism. This is a battle of right against wrong and we are all together as one people in defeating our enemies. Today Kashmiris stand united above political and ideological divides as this is about our very existence and dignity. We will give a befitting reply to the BJP and RSS on the 9th and the 11th of this month”, Dr Abdullah said.


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