Will Mufti allow demolition of mosques in J&K as suggested by his ally BJP’s Swamy: NC

KL Report


National Conference on Sunday lashed out at PDP Patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed for aligning with those who are now openly questioning the sanctity and status of Mosques as religious places in the country.

NC Spokesman Junaid Azim Mattu said BJP Senior Leader Subramanium Swamy’s outrageous remarks had brought to fore PDP’s sell-out to the Right-wing for the sole aim of making Mufti Sayeed the Chief Minister.

“Mufti Mohammad Sayeed should apologize to the people of J&K for the remarks of his ally Subramanium Swamy who has said Mosques can be demolished easily as they according to him were not places of worship. Will Mufti allow this to happen in J&K as well – as part of a deal for him to remain glued to the CM’s Chair? Such statements remind the people of J&K the collective humiliation they have been subjected to because of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s thirst for power”, NC Spokesman Junaid Azim Mattu said.

Reminding Mufti Mohammad Sayeed of his praise for the Mufti-Modi accord, NC Spokesman said Mufti Sayeed should now clarify if such posturing from the BJP was also praiseworthy for him. “We all remember how Mufti Sayeed spoke at the Press Conference right after taking oath as the Chief Minister of the State. Mufti Sayeed in his Press Conference after taking oath had mentioned that J&K provides diversity to the nation and was India’s only Muslim majority State. What does Mufti Sayeed as the CM of India’s only Muslim majority State have to say when his alliance partner says that mosques are not places of worship and can be demolished at will and whim? Mufti Sayeed’s conspicuous silence is deafening”, NC Spokesman Junaid Mattu added.

Lashing out at BJP and Subramanium Swamy for his remarks, NC Spokesman said that these anti-Muslim tirades were unacceptable and the sternest possible legal action should be taken against Swamy and BJP for hurting the sentiments of Muslims. “This is not acceptable to National Conference and we will oppose such communal and bigoted politics till our last breath. Mosques are dear to every Muslims and Muslims will never allow anyone to belittle the significance and sanctity of Mosques. The BJP-PDP alliance must not harbor any misconceptions about the patience of the people. This patience is not unlimited and repeated provocations could end up in a very dangerous mess which the BJP-PDP alliance and Mufti Sayeed would be solely responsible for. Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has brought disgrace and disrepute to the chair of the Chief Minister by being cowed into silence by the BJP and RSS on such issues. This is not only a sad day for PDP but also a sad day for J&K – as we have to witness our Chief Minister bow his head down in front of a party which says that mosques are not religious places”, NC Spokesman Junaid Mattu added.


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