‘Wind Up, Your Contract is Over!’

KL Report


Ire is rising in Kashmir’s contractual college teaching camp. And the trigger is the latest notice shot by government informing some 1500 of them: “Wind Up, Your Contract is Over!”

Interestingly, in the flood-hit academic session marred with delays, the notice has put the teachers in a tight spot.

“Normally, our contracts get renewed at the end of February every year,” said one teacher, protesting in Srinagar’s Press Enclave along with his ilk. “But this time, the government shot the order two months later, which has badly distressed us.”

On face of the latest notice, many questions have started haunting the ‘hire and fire’ teaching camp. Like, what are they supposed to do at this time, when the session is already running late?

“Instead of renewing our contracts,” said another teacher, “we are now supposed to sit and write exams all over again for securing our places. I mean, this is outrageous! Retaining our jobs now seems highly uncertain in face of the fresh guidelines.”

As per the said guidelines, most of college contractual teachers having M Phil degree won’t be able to continue with teaching.

“Most of us are having M. Phil—the degree, which has been de-recognised as a college teaching criteria,” said a teacher. “Now, only Phd, NET and SLET holders are eligible for the lectureship.”

With authorities adamant to implement the notice, the contractual teachers rue by foreseeing themselves jobless, three days later!


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