Without Kashmir, No Romance In India Was Complete, Top Official Tells G20 Delegates

SRINAGAR: The host delegate told G20 members in Srinagar that the Government of India will help them in bringing “more romance” to their films along with “nature and glamour”. He suggested they use the Srinagar sojourn as a stress buster.

Amitabh Kant

Amitabh Kant, a former Niti Aayog official, now the G20 Sherpa told the audience that Kashmir is the space of innumerable advantages when it comes to film shooting. “A record 370 films have taken permission to shoot in Kashmir,” Kant said. “You will see a vast number of films being shot here.”

“The finest destination anywhere in the world to shoot a film and to shoot a romance and it cannot be a better place than Kashmir,” Kant insisted. “We will help you bring more and more romance, more glamour and nature into your films.” He suggested that Kashmir is the ideal destination for creating great stories.

Referring to the global village, Kant said where globalisation requires the flow of ideas and the flow of unique cultures and the flow from one place to another, Kashmir has it all. “There is no better place than Kashmir with all its peace, progress and prosperity with its unique culture, with its unique handicraft, with its unique art forms,” he said, indicating that much of it the delegates will see in the next couple of days.

Making Kashmir G20 Ready

“May you all enjoy Kashmir as the greatest venue for not merely film tourism but as a great travel tourism and holiday destination. There can be no better destination than Kashmir,” Kant said. “Just enjoy, relax and treat it as your greatest stress buster you ever had.”

Kant’s address marked the start of the three-day event at SKICC. He told the delegates that there is no better destination than Kashmir as “it has something to offer to everyone”.

Invoking the age-old love affair of Bollywood with Kashmir, Kant said no Bollywood movie was considered complete without its shoot in Kashmir at one point in time. “Without Kashmir, no romance in India was complete,” he said.


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