Yasin Malik Dares Mufti, Omar to Fight Him in ‘Constituency of their Choice’



Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Chairperson Muhammad Yasin Malik Saturday challenged Chief Minister Mufti Sayeed and former CM Omar Abdullah to face him in a “private election”.

“Let Mufti Sayeed and Omar Abdullah jointly face us in a private election that is only meant to determine what people of Kashmir want. If these people are so sure about Kashmiris choosing India they should have no objection,” a statement issued from Party to CNS read.

He said, “the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), National Conference (NC) and all others who are part and parcel of pro-India politics in Jammu Kashmir were day in and out glorify their connection with India and claim that people have chosen India over freedom.”

“Today, we challenge both these people to have guts and contest us in any constituency of their own choice in a private election to determine what people of Kashmir actually want,” said Malik. He added that if these people were “so sure” about people of Kashmir choosing India they should have no objection in this challenge. “These people come to power by hoodwinking people and putting slogans like autonomy, self rule, resolution of Jammu Kashmir, human rights and so on before the people during elections but as soon as elections are over all these politicians play the role of stooges and agents of Indian state,” said Malik.


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