Udhampur Incident: Truck Driver Narrates Dreadful Tale



Rameez Bhat
Rameez Bhat

While narrating the horrific incident which he witnessed in Udhampur Jammu, Rameez Ahmed Bhat the truck driver from Batingo Islamabad in South Kashmir said that the incident will always send chills down his spine as long as he survives on this planet.

Rameez Bhat, who managed to escape unhurt after goons set his truck on fire told CNS that he still doesn’t believe he is alive. “The goons wanted to see us dead on spot but fortunately we are still alive. After unloading our apple laden truck (JK03D-1142) in New Delhi, we loaded truck with coal and left for our home. Besides Showkat Dar from our neighboring Wuranhal hamlet, my conductor, Zahid Rasool Bhat (16) who is also my neighbor was accompanying me. It was around 12 in the night when we reached Udhampur. We decided to halt for a night near a place probably called Shivpur. As we went to sleep, a group of people vigorously started knocking the right and left windows of our truck. When we didn’t open up the windows, they started pelting stones on the truck. Suddenly they smashed the front windshield and lobbed a petrol bomb inside the truck. The truck caught fire and in a bid to save our lives, we jumped from the truck. The goons who were standing at a distance chased Showkat and Zahid while taking advantage of darkness, I hid myself under the truck,” he said.Showkat Dar

Rameez BhatBhat added that the goons armed with lathis and rods caught hold of Showkat and Zahid and started thrashing them mercilessly. “They pleaded before them but one of them sprinkled petrol over their clothes and another lit a match stick and put them afire. A single policeman, probably he was on patrol tried to save Showkat and Zahid but goons beat him up as well. After few minutes, few policemen arrived on spot and tried their best to put out the fire. Both suffered severe burn injuries. It was horrible to watch the charred skin of Zahid and Showkat. Only the head and feet of Zahid were untouched by fire,” he said adding that they were immediately rushed to Udhampur hospital but were later taken to GMC Jammu.

Bhat said that the doctors have advised the authorities to shift both Showkat and Zahid to New Delhi for specialized treatment. “I contacted the families of Showkat and Zahid and narrated them the whole story,” he said.

Ghulam Rasool Bhat, the father of Zahid said that a policeman from Khanabal police station arrived at his residence and informed him about the incident. “I am too weak to travel to Jammu or Delhi. I don’t understand what to do. Rameez, the truck driver called on my mobile and when I insisted to bring my son on line, he replied that except head and feet, the whole body of Zahid has received burn injuries,” Bhat said.

Ghulam Muhamamd Dar, the father of another victim Showkat Dar said that he has sent his son Muhammad Iqbal to Jammu who informed him that Showkat has 40 per cent burn injuries while Zahid has received 65 per cent injuries in the attack.


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